What a stress! First I was with my best runway model Vera Gafron in Paris to Haute Couture show`s and afterwards I`ve directly my own presentation accomplishes in Berlin. Hopefully my partners get the preparations professionally organized. And hopefully the dresses are finished and are properly matching worked. It hangs as much to. A half year work stands on the play! To be silent from the money completely! And how its always like, the customers and buyers look always first on the organizational and later then on the collection! If the organization is`nt correct, the delicate ones have bad mood, buy nothing and do not come back! And I thought in former times always it goes around beautiful dresses! I thought for little complications everyone has understanding! How naive I am. Fashion and lifestyle is the ambient!

flyer motive with fashion catwalk model Vera Gafron for the winter trend collection by German fashion designer Torsten Amft - click for back to the diary view/td>


(c) 2kOne German fashion designer Torsten Amft