Now it will be soon so far that fashion designers really sell beach wear to the winter, or does chiefs of large-scale industries deliberate themselves after all and do something for environmental protection? Now I took the climatic change to the topic for my trend collection and create for my advertisement a modern times snowgirl! This spectacle will run under the slogan "Colateral Climate". To Christmas there is hardly snow, I naturally mean the snow, which comes from air. Because the other snow is meanwhile to get everywhere! I hope that no one take this ambiguity ill. And please do not think now that I take cocaine! I never took this stuff ever in my life, although many people think it`s cool or hipp. Sometimes I am really old fashionable and antiquated! In this case I am gladly like that.

fashion model Vera Gafron in a provocate streetwear outfit from german fashion designer Torsten Amft - campain & invitation motive - click for back to the diary of fashion designer


(c) 2kOne German fashion designer Torsten Amft