When I saw the pre-report for G8 economic summit (which should happen in germany), I wanted to contribute my part to draw attention to Africa. While intensive inquiry on the topic and material purchases my enthusiasm about the selection and splendor of African materials was not to stop. I dedicate my whole collection to the up-coming continent. Almost all the clothes and accessories are manufactured from african raw material. Not long ago, I thought there would be only linen and bananas. And above all, only war and brutality. I only can recommend everyone to look at the culture and the up-coming economy. It will be worthwhile for you, I hope. As part of the Berlin fashion week I will present this collection for first time. I am curious to see whether my clientele, inspired by my designs, are enthusiastic for this continent. For Africa it would be desirable in any case!

campaign motive from the trend collection spring / summer 2008 with the fashion model`s Vera Gafron & Franziska Scheffer - click for back to fashion designer Torsten Amft`s diary


(c) 2kOne German fashion designer Torsten Amft