10.01.2008 / Inspiration & advance to the new trend fashion collection "Demonstration" - Berlin Fashion Week

Long, very long I've been thinking! How do you get regulated to proportionality. Without question, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is good for Berlin. But only a small part of Berlin Fashion Week! No one can explain to me why a car promotional fashion week millions upon millions receive subsidies from our poor beleaguered city. Free designer collections to finance their own! Are these not the real designer? Here is a really incredible shift takes place with tax money! It is my duty to demonstrate than Berlin loving designer about it. And indeed with Berlin advertising without cars! If one were to distribute the subsidies equal to those in Paris or Milan, so local designers make some available to the Berlin Fashion Week would have been three times as many collection presentation and above all, more innovation.
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Campaign from German fashion designer Torsten Amft to the Berlin Fashion Week - season spring / summer 2009 under the theme 'Demonstration'- click for back to the diary from designer Amft


(c) 2kOne German fashion designer Torsten Amft