10.01.2008 / Inspiration to the trend fashion collection "Economic Miracle" - Berlin Fashion Week

It is not so long ago since it crashed on the stock market! From one day to the other, our celebrated miracle economy collapsed. Reason enough for me to reach out to views of the matter in order to understand the basic relationships. And I came to an astonishing insights about the interdependence of banks, corporations and politics. Many things turned out this completely new to me. I thought it sooner, it would be important to learn and pass on this knowledge of the company, I always come more to the realization ............... More about my inspirations and observations on the trend show autumn / winter can be found at:
more from this collection under ready to wear collection with theme "Economic Miracle"

Campaign & invitation cover from German fashion designer Torsten Amft to the Berlin Fashion Week - season fall / winter 2009-10 under the theme 'Economic Miracle'- click for back to the diary from designer Amft


(c) 2kOne German fashion designer Torsten Amft