29.07.2008 / Ready to wear trend collection - theme: Demonstration

Now I have surpassed myself. The main runway models in the world I had already under contract. But Iwona, with a height of 196 cm is the largest model in the world, that ever went to a fashion week on the catwalk. Other designers criticized me for it! But one thing is funny. Why do they then take on-paragraph-four-inch platform shoes for their models? If they will not be too big? But actually they could also book my great models. I am very solidarity against a little pocket money. More facts, reviews and the inspiration of this collection from the Fashion Week Berlin - spring / summer 2009 you can found under:
ready to wear collection with theme - Demonstration

International runway model Franziska Scheffer weares a yellow Duchesse silk dress from German fashion designer Torsten Amft to the Berlin Fashion Week - season spring/summer 2009 - click for back to the diary from designer Amft


(c) 2kOne German fashion designer Torsten Amft