29.07.2008 / fashion trend collection fall/winter - theme: Economic Miracle

I've never been taken after an opening so thoughtful and from the events. Much, very much, I did work up. For the first time I came with my willingness to compromise on the boundaries of my own existence. How far we can meet business people cherished, how much one should concede recognized public figures and his friend? The fashion and entertainment - the world is full of eccentrics and people with low feelings. I wonder no more today, why so many good artists perish and zukoksen the brain. I am depressed even though everything has gone well, strange! Maybe I should see a doctor! Facts and models in the collection can be found at:
ready to wear collection with theme - Economic Miracle

International model Dwina weares on the runway a black couture blouse from German fashion designer Torsten Amft to the Berlin Fashion Week - season fall/winter 2009-10 - click for back to the diary from designer Amft


(c) 2kOne German fashion designer Torsten Amft