My trend show`s usually always stand under a slogan, as it is right for a progressive designer or fashion artist. So to speak the source of inspiration of the work.While I create my fashion dresses I heard the whole time from the media of the killed civilians in Libanon. I wanted to create multicolored vital dresses. But this passed me. I cannot show multicolored fashion, if at the Gaza Strip the civilians are slaughtered. Therefore I called my trendshow "in memory of Gaza". It was dead silence during the show! I could give fourtyfive intending minutes to the world and turn a little more attention on the problem. This show was my hommage for the fallen civilian population in the Gaza-territory. Who can produce in this war time "flower power"?

International fashion model Vera Gafron on the runway for Berlin`s fashion designer Torsten Amft. Catwalk picture from the spring/summer fashion show in Berlin during the 'Global Fashion Festival' - click for back to the diary view


(c) 2kOne German fashion designer Torsten Amft