I am now already in the third year artistic director of this world-wide well-known festival with international designer presence. And for the second time I won the contest of the advertisement image campaign. With my application I wanted to represent a sporty youth, which however still looks a little sceptically forward. A youth which seems to be nevertheless combat-ready and which support the olympia project of Berlin gladly. Too many people promise and just talk in Berlin. In my opinion little skepticism does always well. In addition I create such a funny Berlin dress, that makes me happy at most. It is beautiful to be a part of the people which arrange Berlin. I hope the image is good for our city!

Poster & campaign motive for the Global Fashion Festival with international model Vera Gafron in a Berlin couture dress from german fashion designer Torsten Amft - click for back to the diary view


(c) 2kOne German fashion designer Torsten Amft