29.07.2007 / Preparation Global
Fashion Festival 2007

Now it is time once again for the Global Fashion Festival will be held soon. This year I am not only artistic director and model trainer, but I also design the program booklets, posters, flyers, ads in the glamour magazine and other media partners, and I am responsible for the official website. I am proud to receive this award and I hope that my work will be liked by fashion interested people and reach international standard. I`m a little afraid of it. My own new collection spring/summer should be even more perfectly prepared and presented. But yes, I love the challenge. I hope my team keeps the pressure. I also hope that Berlin and the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit will support this festival so well again, as in previous years. In this sense and in order that Berlin becomes soon fashion metropolis. Or is Berlin already City of fashion ?

german fashion model Vera Gafron for the campaign of Europe`s greatest open air fashion spectacle in a Berlin Couture dress from german fashion designer Torsten Amft - Global Fashion Festival - click here for back to the designer diary


(c) 2kOne German fashion designer Torsten Amft