Berlins new designer - king

With 16 years Torsten Amft danced by the Leipzig Disco Eden. With 25 he modeling for Gianni Versace. Today, with 31, he create fashion, stands with the large from the fashion scene on you and you!
Now I meet Amft in its new choice homeland Berlin. On the occasion of the "large Q", the longest catwalk of the world, presents saxons fashion designer Amft its newest creations with other Haute Couture designer such as Jean-Louis Scherrer (Paris), Slava Zaitsev (Moscow) and Jacques Fath (Paris).

While approximately 100.000 people at the Kurfürstendamm standing themselves around the best places, which VIPs (among other celebs Friede Springer, popstar Helen Schneider, movie producer Artur Brauner) slowly in the vip area arrive, the master puts on last hand with his models. At 21 o`clock is it then so far: after the pop duo Weather Girls "It's raining man "

singing and movie legend Gina Lollobrigida into the quantity welcome briefly has, enters Amft with its fashion models the largest runway of the world. on 1111 meters it presents its futuristic drafts.
It shows glamour pailletts overalls for men, far leather jackets, powerbody suits. It costs from 800 to 10.000 Euro and ensures for so much attention that even German TV-commissioner Jürgen Heinrich (Wolffs district) briefly stops feeding his Mrs. Gaby einstellt and Hardy Krüger jr. miniflirted with a waitress interrupts.
After 3 hours that is pageant past. Amft relaxing in the backstage area. It is exhausted. Not only of the kilometer catwalk.
No, its success way of the Veritas sewing machine in Leipzig up to the customers as star rapper Coolio and the singer Angelika Weiz went simply "unbelievably fast." And it continues to go ever...