Berlin (spi). Fashion designer Torsten Amft, the person on whom hopes are pinned to top the exclusive German designer scene, unveiled his fashion creations for spring/summer on the night of the Berlin elections (10 October) in the Hilton Hotel at Gendarmenmarkt. The show was part of the fashion and art performance entitled "Aquaris", with 1500 guests from trade and industrie, politics and show business present. Amft has created a new progressive look, which consist of more and more ingenious and perfect forms. The hour long show, which was held in the grand foyer of the Hilton, was dominated by the colour yellow, in tandem with blue, and was punctuated by shades of Bordeaux-red. The 60 exclusive individual garments worn by 40 models captivated the audience with their lavish finish, rich embroidery, numerous

sequins and accessories. "I would like to create one off, futuristic items that also exude elitism", is how the designer sums up his ambition."My models should be kitted in rich garments without looking overdecorated or florid." The highlight of the show consisted of Aquaris items modelled, among other things, by top model Rebecca. A fusion of yellow, gold and bronze with string tow, sewn-on mussel shells and scales in billowing patterns, they reflected where Amft got his inspirations from - the ocean. In the words of the designer:"We invest infinite sums of money in the universe,and yet we have yet to find a solution in space to problems such as raw materials and how to feed a burgeoning world population. By comparison, oceans provide us with immediate starting points for solutions with their undiscovered depths,

theit fascinating beauty and colorful splendor as well as huge resources."

In this same context, Amft searched for and found new colour combinations, ideas for materials and forms. "Berlin`s fashion guru" (German newspaper), who was acclaimed back in September at the "Longest Catwalk" show on the Ku`damm, again impressed the audience with extraordinary colours and top class workmanship. This fashion show sees him continuing the tradition, as the only designer from Berlin, of hosting lavish shows twice a year in which his models are before the public. "Germany: My Winter Fairy-Tale", a highly successful show held in March 1999, cast its spell over approximately 1200 prominent guests and signalled the long awaited breakthrough. Amft sells directly to customers, allthough he does not rule out the possibility of working together with the movie industry.